Cinnamon M

Entrepreneur & Digital Strategist

Cinnamon helps entrepreneurs, consultants and businesses create a location-independent lifestyle and income. Cinnamon will show you how to create various online revenue streams by leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies to create revenue for a global economy. Remember, your expertise doesn't have borders.

Making Your First $1K Online

Learn how to leverage your expertise and technology to create additional revenue.

Your First $1000 Class Testimonies

“Cinnamon delivered her interactive workshop professionally, with knowledge and expertise. She shared real life scenarios, actionable steps, and valuable resources to guide and support productive action-taking. I received a balanced dose of realism, optimism, encouragement and positive challenges to move me forward. I found the entire experience worth the investment of time, attention, and money. ”


“I loved EVERY part of the workshop. I had several aha moments throughout the workshop. I loved the level of detail you provided and the format of the workshop. Being a linear thinker/kinesthetic learner, I was able to apply what you shared immediately! Thanks for engaging us and helping us work through our ideas. Going into the workshop, I was thinking about giving up on this project. After the meeting, I was inspired! Long-winded but I wanted you to know how great the workshop and our conversation was! ”


“The information was outlined and delivered in a clear and concise manner-- It hit all my targeted areas, and answered my questions. It was thought-provoking and broken-down into simple steps. Also I appreciated the honesty in detailing the less-challenging processes as well as the hard truth about the more involved ones. ”


“I enjoyed this so much because it is the way to step onto the "diving board" and get started. It just made so much sense to me and took the fear out of me so I can start marketing. Thank you!!! ”


“The information about affiliate opportunities was surprising. I never considered it to be lucrative enough to serve as another income stream. Also, you suggested taking my list of members to various businesses to solicit sponsorship, that wasn't something I'd considered. It gave me a new perspective. ”


“The discussion about affiliate marketing was informative and timely! Cinnamon took the time to show us different sites to consider and how to think about it strategically. Definitely an income stream worth exploring. ”


“MY aha moment from attending this workshop was learning many different ways to market services to your target audience. Not having to build out expensive websites, courses, and platforms first. Plus, the easy math calculation of arriving at the first $1000 with a few clients.”


“My 'aha' moment was the overall math...I realized if I were to charge the average fee for my services I don't need as many students to generate $1,000. ”


“Cinnamon gave great value, ideas, and feedback. She was more than willing to answer all of our questions. The workshop was definitely worth more than $35.....she was being very gracious and kind with the price. But now I'm willing to pay more for future services because I know she's worth more. ”