As a digital marketer, Cinnamon has built successful businesses for entrepreneurs and other professionals. As an entrepreneur, she’s been humbled by the mistakes and empowered by the successes she’s made along the way. Since moving to Portugal, Cinnamon has decided to establish her brand, Driven Spice. Seize the opportunity to watch her build it from the start. Implement the strategies and actionable steps to be able to maneuver in various economic climates. Her goal is to encourage busy professionals to spend more time focusing on their personal goals and aspirations rather than committing to the restrictions and pressure of building someone else’s dreams.

As a seasoned and ambitious entrepreneur

Driven Spice has made it her mission to enrich her audience by providing tips to live a successful and location independent life. Each course is designed to provide the best value one can find online through interactive course training with the help of hand-picked educators.

With these resources, ambitious individuals will be equipped with some of the best marketing tools to package their expertise, build relationships and engage in a supportive community, and grow their business. Too often, ambitious people find themselves feeling burnt out as they try to do it all. Ambition should not be a solitary task.

The goal is to receive enrichment by cultivating skills while interacting with individuals with similar values and drive each other to greater heights. We aim to educate, motivate, and celebrate you by giving you the tools to create a winning team. Chess is known as an “individual” sport but the reality is that some of the best players in the world have achieved their success with the help of a solid team. They work to share ideas while working tirelessly to create and improve strategies.

Why you should work with me.

I’m a seasoned digital marketer and entrepreneur that has built and cultivated businesses for over two decades. Take the opportunity to learn from someone who is not only teaching strategy but has implemented these very techniques in other businesses. Get the help you need in one place by watching me implement a business strategy in real-time, right from the start.

These one-stop-shop business tutorials will not only save you time researching techniques on other platforms, but it will allow you to re-allocate your spending to where you need it the most. I’ve done the groundwork many times over. Are you ready to build the business of your dreams?

  • Learn to build a business from the virtual “ground - up."

  • Save time researching online for countless hours.

  • Courses are self-paced; review the material as often as necessary.

  • Give yourself a competitive edge by saving time and money as you grow your business.